"Working with Clarity is relaxed and comfortable."

BLUE Heron construction

BLUE Heron construction

Before working with Clarity we struggled with getting the information we needed to make decisions about the course of our business. Now, with Clarity we have timely reports and have a clear view of our company's standing.

— Peet Duffy, President at Blue Heron Contstruction

Simple and effective.”

Port townsend marine science center

Port townsend marine science center

What strikes me most about the service Clarity offers is their willingness to go the extra mile. When I said, well, what I really want to do is scrap this whole account and class code system and start over they said without hesitation, "Yes, let's make it happen!"

— Janine Boire, Executive Director at Port Townsend Marine Science Center


“I am very impressed with the value-added services that Clarity provides”

Centrum was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the Clarity team during a pivotal transition in staffing. Tina McCleese and her crew provided us with expert-level guidance and reporting, as well as helping us to streamline some of the protocols we use for internal accounting. I am very impressed with the value-added services that Clarity provides, including a broad overview of the local economy, accounting standards and the non-profit culture. I recommend them highly!

— Robert Birman, Executive Director at Centrum

Thank you for the transformation you have wrought for us. We are now in some semblance of order, and gaining steadily.
— Brion Toss, Master Rigger/Owner at Brion Toss Yacht Riggers