Finances can be a great tool for gaining insight into the health of other elements of your business or organization.

Often when we begin collaborating with a client on financial projects, together we discover underlying or connected issues that require creative problem-solving—strategic planning, fundraising, human resource issues, information management, or board development, for example. For those clients, Clarity is pleased to offer a range of Strategic Solutions: 

Human Resources

Companies that have strong Human Resources programs have better employee engagement and productivity. Clarity can support you in enhancing your Human Resources by assessing and developing employee benefits programs, creating employee handbooks, protecting you from liability, or coordinating recruitment and hiring activities.

Organizational Planning & Development

Whether it’s facilitating a long overdue strategic plan, supporting you through a re-structuring or re-organization, or helping you design a program to engage incoming board members more effectively, Clarity can provide services you need to strengthen your organization and build resilience.

Fundraising & Resource Development

Fundraising is a cornerstone of nonprofit cash flow; it needs constant energy and attention. Organizations that have a solid annual development plan, based on proven strategies, raise more money and are better able to weather inevitable ups and downs. Clarity can help you craft the development plan that’s right for you, coach you in implementing it, and connect you with resources you need to succeed.  

Data Management

Databases can be a powerful tool for decision-making. With a well-designed, well-maintained database, you can track community engagement, analyze giving trends, manage communications, and measure the outcome of mission-related programs. Clarity will help you clean and manage your data so it can provide you with insights that take your organization to the next level. 

Together we can create pro-active solutions that empower you to achieve your goals and realize your ambitions.