Tina Flores-McCleese, Principal

Tina is the brains and the vision behind Clarity Enterprises. She earned her BA in Accounting, then went on to work as a Financial Controller, Accountant, Human Resources Professional, Finance Director and Executive Director for both businesses and nonprofits small and large.

Tina is a Change Agent. She loves to tackle new challenges and brings energy to any project she becomes engaged in; this led her to grow Clarity from a two-person bookkeeping and accounting start-up to a thriving business that offers a suite of creative, pro-active support services to her clients.

In addition to leading Clarity, Tina serves as a financial consultant and guide to several Pacific Northwest non-profit and for-profit organizations. Tina's passions include her two kids and her fabulous husband, and serving on the board of the Port Townsend Education Foundation. She continues to think this community is the perfect fit for so many reasons—mountains, beaches, culture, and fabulous people. 

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Colleen Jones

Colleen was born and raised in Jefferson County and returned after spending 25 adventurous years in Alaska.  Colleen has been a restaurant and retail business owner, a small business bookkeeper, (restaurant, retail and electrical contracting) and an assistant in higher education administration at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Colleen feels her personality fits well with the small businesses that Clarity has under its wings. Having been involved in the highs and lows of small business ownership, she can identify with what her clients are going through.

After work, Colleen’s time is happily filled with gardening, reading, quilting, and caring for her animals. 


Alana McCleese

Alana graduated in 2018 from Port Townsend High School. After beginning her musical career on violin at the age of five, she switched to the cello, which she played in the high school orchestra. She also lead the varsity volleyball team as the setter and captain. Alana likes that through her work with Clarity she can contribute the community by helping local businesses grow. It is important to her to support Port Townsend as much as possible! 

Alana is also an entrepreneur and small business owner in her own right, crafting and selling her own original line of natural, hand-made personal care products at Chica Fresca. Learn more at www.chicafresca.com.


Robin Lancaster

Robin began her career in the United States Air Force, and she has never regretted her choice. She began working in the field of financial management in 1991, and has experience in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. 

Relationship is at the heart of this work for Robin. She loves the diversity of companies and organizations she has worked with over the years—as well as their owners and CEOs. She prefers working with small- to medium-sized businesses, where she can build a personal relationship with her clients. These relationships keep her going through the long hours and hard work that are sometimes required to get things moving in the right direction. If something in your finances needs to be cleaned up, Robin is your gal!

Robin spends her free time outdoors with her husband and Doodle-dog, preferably on the water. She sometimes feels like a Mermaid that has been pulled from her magical world. 


John Anderson

John is a lover of both the environment and a clean trial balance sheet. He has a background in research, computer science, technical writing, and bookkeeping and tax-preparation; over the years he’s spent time working in accounting offices, for-profit business, nonprofit entities, and as an independent contractor. He feels Clarity is an exciting workplace where contributions from all staff are welcomed and the company is committed to operating on the leading edge of technology. 

John spends his free time honing MS Excel skills, pulling invasive species from stream beds and riparian zones, counting salmon in Chimacum Creek, managing a land trust to restore Northern Spotted Owl and Coho Salmon habitat, and directing a family foundation that is currently restoring a run-down 150 year old home in order to return it to the neighborhood as a community center. 

Sally Lovell

Sally has been a full-charge bookkeeper since 1987, working as Finance Manager or bookkeeper in a variety of industries, including several non-profits, insurance agencies, sole proprietor service businesses, construction companies, Cape George Colony Club, and the Port Townsend Food Co-op. Though relatively fresh to Clarity, she particularly enjoys helping our variety of small business clients with their bookkeeping needs, as well as the camaraderie of working with a group of peers.

Sally loves the rural living of this area, combined with the healthy arts community and the focus on supporting local businesses. She is especially proud of the local food movement here. In her spare time enjoys food preservation, as well as a very eclectic reading list, bicycle commuting, and going for walks.


Hali Miller

Hali moved to Port Townsend in 1973 when her dad, Bill Ransom, was hired as founder of the Port Townsend Writers Conference at Centrum. She graduated from Port Townsend High School and after dabbling at a few different colleges in a couple of different places settled right back in PT to raise her three children. Hali started as the Classified/Legal Advertising Manager at The Port Townsend Leader, but when a job opening came up at Centrum in 2008 she couldn't resist, and has been employed as Registrar ever since. In 2016 joining Clarity was a natural fit - all of the organizations Hali has worked for have been clients. Hali was drawn by the excitement and big-picture vibe that Clarity offers and enjoys being a part of an organization that is an integral part of helping local businesses realize their vision.


Pam Nebel

Pam worked in Financial Management in the Bay Area for 10 years before her family moved to Port Townsend.  She started with Clarity in 2006, when it was freshly launched and Tina & Pam worked from Tina's basement.  Pam loves working for Clarity because she gets to collaborate with so many wonderful, genuine, interesting clients. She loves supporting our amazing, mission-centered non-profits, who working every day to make a difference in our community and in the world.

Pam and her husband are also local entrepreneurs; they own Getables, a purveyor of fine gourmet foods, beverages, and gifts along downtown Port Townsend’s main street.  

When she’s not at one job or the other, Pam likes to hike with her family, go on walks with her dog, dance, and go to the movies with her daughter. 

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Shelby Smith

Shelby has lived and worked most of her life in Western Washington. Over the past 20 years she has served as staff and board for a variety of conservation and community development nonprofits around the Salish Sea, where she's gained experience in nonprofit planning and operations, fundraising, and data management. She learned about the needs of small business through local community and economic development efforts—as staff, and later board, for EDC Team Jefferson, and as a founding board member of the Quimper Mercantile. She currently serves on the board of the Chimacum Arts & Crafts Fair, and the Community Wellness Project. 

Shelby loves the variety of clients and projects at Clarity, and especially enjoys helping small businesses and nonprofits dream, create goals, and craft strategic implementation plans to achieve them.

Shelby loves to spend time on and around the water; sailing, exploring, swimming, and scouring local beaches for all the coolest rocks. She lives at Mats Mats with her amazing family.

Liz Arp

Liz Arp

Liz has worked in the finance field for the last ten years, handling bookkeeping for a wide variety of clients, both large and small.  She enjoys dealing with the nitty gritty details of financial transactions in order to provide business owners with tangible data to use in their decision making. She is a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, a Bill.com Guru, and has extensive experience with ReceiptBank.

Two years ago she and her family put their possessions in storage and headed out in search of a new home, mainly driven by the desire to find an environment more supportive of sustainable lifestyle choices.  They spent 6 months in Colorado and a year in Olympia before finding their way to beautiful Port Townsend. 

In her free time, Liz enjoys riding her bicycle, growing, cooking and eating as much whole food as possible, practicing good posture, and spending time with her family.  She is also looking forward to spending more time wandering around in the PNW forests.                liz@clarityei.com