Many small businesses and nonprofit organizations don’t have the resources to pay a full-time Chief Financial Officer. With Clarity, you can have a slice of a CFO, without the ongoing commitment of an in-house staff person.

CFOs craft strategy and vision for an organization’s overall fitness—they can see the big picture, and think about programs, people and culture. They use their unique perspective on the health of an organization to identify problems that go beyond basic finances, (for example, supply chain, staffing structure, sales, or marketing.) From there, they can offer creative solutions, ensuring you invest in and develop your most import assets.

Contact Clarity to learn more about how we can bring the expertise, strategic thinking, and creativity of a Chief Financial Officer to your organization, keeping you fit and moving forward.

Need more details? Here's how it works:

First, we'll sit down with you and "take your pulse," by working through a series of questions we've designed to assess the health of your business or nonprofit organization. Next we’ll guide you in creating systems that work for you, by

  • Looking at the big picture
  • Identifying obstacles, inefficient business processes, and “pain points”
  • Mapping a course to organizational health
  • Connecting you with additional services and resources
  • Bringing expertise and industry best practices to your tool kit
  • Training and coaching you to confidently use the systems we’ve created
  • Infusing you with the energy and resources you need to succeed

Together we will bring health, prosperity, and vitality to your organization.