Tina Flores-McCleese Joins Board of Washington Nonprofits

Washington Nonprofits, a statewide association of nonprofit organizations, has recently recruited Tina Flores-McCleese to serve on their board of directors.

Washington Nonprofits helps nonprofits learn, increase their influence, and connect with people and resources so they can successfully fulfill their missions. “Everything important in our communities relies on nonprofits, from education to eldercare, from economic development to the environment.”

Laura Pierce, Executive Director of Washington Nonprofits, said “We have been actively seeking to add several visionary leaders who are committed to building a strong nonprofit sector in Washington State and who bring relevant experience. [Our Education Director] Nancy Bacon recommended Tina as a business owner that  ‘gets’ nonprofits. Tina brings private sector experience, geographic and ethnic diversity, and financial and business acumen. It’s a different, important perspective from many of our other board members who are nonprofit executives. And [she] will be a champion for our education efforts.” 

Tina Flores-McCleese is the Principal and owner of Clarity, a Port Townsend-based financial and management services company that provides support to businesses and nonprofits.

 “I want to be able to build stronger organizations that do good in our communities,” Flores-McCleese said. “My service has always circled around education - because I believe the more informed we are, and the better our tools, the more impactful we are. I’m excited to serve at the state level where I can make a difference for many nonprofits working to make the world a better place.”

For more information about Washington Nonprofits, visit their website: washingtonnonprofits.org.